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You can view an exchange rate on any day from 1 January, 1990 to the present. Median and daily high and low also quoted. Leave date blank for today.
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Economics/Markets/Investments Index

Index of data, news, services, and other information of interest to investors, researchers, and other members of the financial community.

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FinanceWise - the dedicated financial search engine

Search the Web for finance information

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Financial Engineering Ltd.

Fortune's Global 500 List

The world's largest industrial and service corporations. Returns full address, CEO, Global 500 ranking, revenue, profits, equity and assets, current stock quote and 30-day chart.

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Hoover's Online: Company Capsules

A wealth of information on over 11,000 companies. Provides address, URL, informative company description, links to SEC filings, competitors and press releases, stock quote and current financials. Search below by company name or use the link above to search by symbol, industry, sales, location, keyword or company type.

IPO Central

An Internet database of IPO's (initial public offerings) of common stock on or after May 6, 1996. Provides company description, sales, CEO, address, phone and offerings and link to SEC filings. Enter company name or partial name.

Moody's Rating and Rating Actions

Full text reports of bond and other credit instruments, rating and ratings actions to aid investors in determining the relative likelihood that they might lose money on a given fixed-income investment. Hold down CTRL key to select multiple industries.

Motley Fool

An entertaining and yet serious site filled with information for the investor. Investing Foolishly which is not so foolish at all, The Motley Fools Portfolios showing their latest trades, Evening News, Special Reports and Highlights.

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Quicken: Company News

Enter a ticker symbol for the latest news on that company.

SEC EDGAR Search Database

            SEC EDGAR:

Smart Money

This well-integrated site offers a one-stop resource to a wealth of market-related information, including news, quotes, analyst recommendations, financials and much more.


A comprehensive index of Wall Street resources of interest to investors and investment professionals. Includes government and private services, market data, news, brokers, exchanges and more.

TrustNet: World Indices

A very nice database for fast viewing of world indices. Performance figures are provided in both sterling (TrustNet is a UK company) and in the local currency. Sort value is easily changed from the results page. If you're trying to convert a currency, check out their World Exchange Rates page.

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Zacks: Company Reports

Enter a stock symbol for a company profile including, chart, earnings estimates, broker recommendations and industry information.

Zacks: News Alert

Find the latest investment news for companies. A very useful tool from this investment research company.

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