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Over 100 million white page listings and 8 million e-mail addresses. Enter first and last name. An advanced search is also available.

E-mail White Page Both

CCSO Phone Book Server

The phone books of over 300 universities and organizations. First search for the organization, then search for the individual. A list of organizations is available from the link above. (Search examples: Cornell, .gov, Florida, science)

College E-Mail Addresses

Locate information about the e-mail address format for colleges and universities. Enter the name of a college. If some of the abbreviations used in the response may seem cryptic, check out the General Information section of their FAQ.

Database America: People Finder

Find a persons residence using this directory for the U.S.
First Name
Last Name

Database America: Reverse Phone

Enter a phone number in the format ###-###-####, to find corresponding name and address.

Four11 Directory Service

A comprehensive resource for finding e-mail addresses. Find the person you are looking for and select their Telephone Directory link to see if that person has a phone listing.
First Name
Last Name

411 Locate

Locate e-mail addresses and websites by entering a phone number, company name, person's name or e-mail address.

Infospace: Celebrity Address Listings

Now you can find celebrity addresses, web sites and e-mail addresses if the information is available. Just enter a last name or first and last name.

Infospace: E-Mail Addresses

Excellent source for finding e-mail addresses. Also returns organization affiliation (if available), city and state. To search by country, use the link above.
First Name
Last Name
City (optional)
State/Province (optional)

Infospace: Phone Numbers

Fast, comprehensive, world wide residential directory consisting of over 200 million phone numbers and addresses.
First Name
Last Name
  Search Region/Metro Area

Infospace: Reverse Look Up

Enter a residential, U.S. phone number to find the person's name and address corresponding to that number. Listed numbers only. Use link above for business, fax numbers or toll free numbers.

Internet Address Finder

A white pages Internet directory with approximately 4 million listings. Probably the most comprehensive of the directories with a fast response time. In most cases only returns link to e-mail address, sometimes an organization and location is included.
Last Name (Required)
First Name

Marine Guest Book

Search through 7,000 listings to find an old buddy from the marines or someone from a specific platoon or division. (Enter keyword and/or name; and, or, not, *)


People Finder

A site to assist in finding lost friends, relatives and even strangers. Users submit information about a person they are looking for. Search below on person's name or by keyword, country and/or category.
Or Search By Last Name


Large nationwide white pages directory. Fast response time. Name, address and phone number are provided for each listing and even the ability to send a greeting card.
Last Name
First Name

WhoWhere?: E-Mail Addresses

A fast, comprehensive database of e-mail addresses. Some entries even provide a profile of the person.
Name Required

WhoWhere?: Phone Numbers and Addresses

A comprehensive white pages directory for finding addresses and phone numbers of people throughout the U.S. Find the person you're looking for and, for a small fee you, can send them a greeting card or letter.
Last Name Required
First Name

WorldPages: White Pages

A new and comprehensive white page directory covering the U.S. and Canada. Also provides a link to an e-mail search for the person and a map of their location.
Last Name
First Name optional

Yahoo! People Search

Locate people throughout the US.
First Name
Last Name

People Searcher Links

  • Ameritech Internet Yellow Pages - Covers the Midwest states Ameritech serves.
  • BigBook - Find one of 16,000,000 U.S. businesses.
  • Bigfoot Global email directory - allows you to enter as much detailed information about yourself as you wish (Search Bigfoot Above)
  • BigYellow - Find over 16,000,000 U.S. business listings.
  • ClassMates Online - Helps high school alumni find each other. Registrants from over 19,000 high schools.
  • Four11 Directory Services (Search Four11 Above)
  • InfoSpace - A directory which features Yellow Pages, White Pages, classifieds, business guides, city guides and more. (Search InfoSpace Above)
  • Internet Address Finder  - A White Pages Directory with over 4 million listings. (Search Internet Address Finder Above)
  • Lookup USA - Look up companies and get business profiles for $3.00.
  • - Online mapping from Chicago Map Corp.
  • Maps On Us  - A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service from Lucent Technologies.
  • OKRA: net.citizen Directory Service  
  • PeopleFinder - Residential directory assistance. Find by name or by phone.
  • Switchboard - Find people, find businesses. (Search Switchboard Above)
  • Usenet Addresses Service (MIT) - Find email addressed by searching over 4,000,000 Usenet postings made from 1991 to 1996.
  • WhoWhere - "The way to find people on the web". (Search WhoWhere? Above)
  • Yahoo! People Search - Search for people by name, reverse search by telephone number, or search for email address.


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