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The Resource Channel website was designed to be a valuable online resource for the Internet entrepreneur and business user. We have categorized these links to other business resources on the Internet. We hope that you will find these other web sites helpful and we welcome your suggestions for other sites to add to the list.

If there is a resource or category you don't see here, you can go to the Search Channel and find it there.

  • Accounting - Accounting and auditing resources, links and books
  • Advertising - Advertising services, industry news, related books. links and resources 
  • Banking - Associations, links, financial calculators, banking and finance books, deposit & loan quotes
  • Barter - Information on business bartering, reciprocal exchange, bartering books and link listings of trade exchanges
  • Credit - Credit services, associations, links, books on credit and bankruptcy information
  • Economics - Government economics, book and publications, and economic calculators
  • Finance - Associations, books and magazines, glossaries, capital markets, databases, links and personal finance information
  • Franchise & Franchising - Books, links, directories, advice, opportunities, and associations
  • Government - U.S. Government agencies dealing with business issues
  • Insurance - Books, associations, rating services, glossaries, links, insurance companies, and Internet quote sites
  • International Business - International trade, links, government directories, Chambers of Commerce,  databases, publications
  • Investment - Stocks, bonds, advice on investing, brokers, IPO's, mutual funds, links, national organizations, and international stock exchanges
  • Legal - Resources on corporate & specialty business law, attorney search engines, links, legal guides, books, and associations.
  • Public Speaking - Books, links and resources on how to be a better public speaker
  • Real Estate - Realty networks, associations, books, links, apartments, financing, site selection
  • Sales & Marketing - Books, links, resources and sales techniques
  • Shipping & Transportation - Shipping companies, shipping guides, books and publications
  • Venture Capital - Books, surveys, industry news, and resources


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